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What's the Pic is a new format of popular mobile games on the iPhone and Android devices. This game is a spin off of the 4 Pics 1 Word type games where you have to figure out the word that the pictures have in common. In this game, you actually are revealing the squares to see more of a covered up picture. You have a certain amount of tile reveals, and when they are done, they're gone. From there you have a letter bank that has about 12 letters to use in the clue. The clue will show you how many letters the answer word is, and then it is your job to figure out what the picture is. For each level that you get past, you are awarded with coins. The coins can later be used to reveal more clues such as revealing an answer letter, removing a letter from the word bank, and even answering the word completely.

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There are several of these types of games on the Android market which it is compatible with too. What's the Picture by Itch Mania, What's That Picture by Heron studios, 4 Pics 1 Word What's the Word, What's the Picture by Bluebird Mobile, Photo Quiz by Apprope, What's the Word by Red-spell, What's the Picture by Nguyen.c.t, What's that word photo guesser, Guess word and more!